Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa 20%, Milk Soilds, Tapioca Startch, Flavour.

The perfect milk chocolate blend that will leave you wanting more.


Add 4 teaspoons of Milk Drinking Chocolate powder to a glass. Add 100mL of textured milk and stir until dissolved. Top up with remaining 100mL of milk & sprinkle with chocolate.

Want to make your hot drinks even smoother? Mix the powder with your milk before you texture it!



Salted Chocolate Milkshake


  1. To a milkshake maker (or blender) add: 200ml of milk and 200g of ice cream (approx. 2-3 scoops)
  2. Then add: 4 teaspoons of Milk Drinking Chocolate Powder and a Pinch of sea salt
  3. Razzle (or blend) until smooth. Serve with whipped cream dusted with lighly salted chocolate.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

  1. To a coffee cup, add 4 teaspoons of Milk Drinking Chocolate Powder and 1 tablespoon of Nutella
  2. Steam milk.
  3. Fill ½ the cup with milk and muddle.
  4. Pour remaining milk and serve dusted with Milk Drinking Chocolate Powder.

Sugar, cocoa powder (20%), milk solids, tapioca starch, flavour.


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