Hario V60 Drip Filter Kit

Explore the world of pour over coffee with The Complete Pour Over Kit. Including a BPA-Free plastic Hario V60 2 Cup, a 600ml Range Server, and 100 paper filters, it’s everything you need to start your pour over journey.

The Hario V60 2 Cup is a world-renown brewer, famous for its ability to produce coffee with crisp, bright flavors and a clean body. It’s made with durable BPA-Free plastic and works seamlessly with the 100 included paper filters.

Basic Hario V60 Instructions:

  • Grind your coffee at a medium setting and pour into pre-rinsed filter.
  • Saturate the grounds with hot water and bloom (rest) for 30 seconds.
  • Pour the remaining hot water in slow, concentric circles.
  • When draining is complete, enjoy!

The included Hario Range Server is made with Hario’s famous and durable glass and can hold up to 600ml of hot coffee. Thanks to the tempered glass and fitted lid, it’ll keep your coffee hot for hours.

If you’re looking to get into pour over coffee, The Complete Pour Over Kit will be an excellent companion.


Hario V60 Drip Filter Kit


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